Image Transfers is the Best Resource for Industrial Designers

Have you been searching for a source to help you with your prototypes?

Image transfers makes custom dry rub down transfers

This model was made authentic by using custom dry rub-down transfers from Image Transfers

Visit Our company creates custom dry transfers from client artwork or we can create artwork for you.

We know there are many reasons to use custom dry transfers. Transfers can be used to get your marketing materials ready for a new product launch. With rub down transfers it’s easy to add logos and detail to your 3D model so that it reflects exactly what the manufactured product will look like. Photography, printed material and website details of the product can all be done to promote your product launch.

milwaukee-tool-prototype-transfers-2Do you need help presenting a product to a focus group? Applying custom rubdowns will give you a realistic looking finished product. Maybe you want to show a foil on your beauty boxes. Transfers can be done in a variety of foil colors.

Over the past 12 years we’ve become the largest maker of custom dry transfers in North America.

axe-prototype-modelIn announcing this achievement we decided to change our website URL from .net to

With our website our goal is to make it as easy as possible to fulfill a need for dry transfers for Industrial Designers, Package Designers and 3D Prototype Modelers. It is very easy to work with us. Just drag and drop artwork on our website, choose your preferred shipping option and receive a final custom dry transfer in your hands in as little as 24 hours.

Feel confident in ordering custom transfers from us.

lawtonOur rubdowns are available in many different colors, matching to the Pantone Graphic palette or Crown Roll Leaf and Kurz Foil palettes.

Since adhesive is only on the image area once applied the artwork looks like it is printed right on your surface. There will be no adhesive residue.

martha-stewart-weddings-book-cover-transferOur staff consists of production and graphic artists so we know how important color match and correct artwork is.

We have also expanded our locations, with an ImageTransfersWest location to better serve our West coast customers in addition to our New York studio. We want your project to turn out perfect.

If you are interested in trying our rub on transfers and unsure how to proceed we will be happy to help, we can even send you some sample.

Image Transfers has been in business since 2004 when Marek Kozusznik and Luann LaRussa decided to form a partnership. Both have a long history of working with pre-press, graphic software and color matching. Visit for more information and a published price list or call the studio at (212) 928-7987.


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